Article 001 "Style is King".

DogFight Raw, Ruben TKP, Inks TNS, Keys NRC & Demon TNS.

Published Saturday 20th October 2018.

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We worked with 26 Australian Graffiti Artists to create the iconic “Block Rockers” 3 colour Screen Print.


The print consists of the full 26 letter alphabet with each individual character created by a different Artist.


The styles range from a classic New York feel to highly detailed wild styles with everything in-between,

It was no small feat curating so many artists on the one artwork but it was made possible by the sheer dedication and work ethic of those involved.


I have seen a lot of alphabet designs created by individual artists, where they have been able to flex their skill, style, and done it quite effectively,

Though i had never seen something as ambitious as this, of course thats not saying it hasn’t been done, I just haven’t seen it.


As the artwork for each letter was submitted to us, i had the arduous task of vectoring and collating them into the final artwork,

by doing this, i actually learnt so much about each artists letter structure and how they approach their own stylised kicks, 

funk and doodads that make their individual letter so unique.


It really made my mind race, i instantly had all kinds of questions for each artist about their personal letter style and how they developed these techniques.


When i look at RUBEN TKP’s Letter it seems to have real purpose, it has that classic new york graffiti funk, simple yet popped and kinked in just the right places to give it that authentic “Ruben” style,

how did you approach the letter for the poster and how would you describe your letters in general?


Ruben: Thank you. My L is dancing but the forward 3D stiffens the letter pose. It’s captured on ‘freeze frame’ right there. The letter, like you said has that typical New York DNA, I tend to keep my letter flow basic because thats what I am feeling at this point in time, I made the 3D fat because I feel it gives the letter ‘staunch appeal’, Add a crack, do-dads, barcode and the reliable half star, an arrow bouncing off the letter in the opposite direction for flex and it just works for me. These are my boogie utensils!

Ruben TKP

INKS TNS was one of a handful of artists that actually got to rock a letter that is in his name, in fact he got the I, which is his leading letter, How would you describe your letter and style?


Inks: I would describe my letter as simple and funky in its own way, i like to think of my style as a basic public style that over time has had its own flex and stretch put on it.


I really liked Keys NRC’s letter as it encapsulates so many classic graffiti elements and has some nice bends of letter structure, how do you describe that letter aesthetic?


Keys: I’d describe my letter as Tough , it is strong and makes a statement, Letters are the basis of all hip hop graffiti writing, they should look dope on their own as in the poster, or in partnership within a writers name alongside other letters to create a great piece. 

Connections, arrows etc all add to the fundamental letter structure, The alphabet has always had an aesthetic purpose as well as a form of communication but graffiti is from the streets and its letters should reflect the history and raw nature of hip hop culture, When painting, a letter should look just as impressive in chrome and black as it would with fancy colours.


DEMON TNS your letter was undoubtedly a great example of “wild style” and i think you managed to squeeze in even more arrows than Dupe did with his, what was your aim in creating the letter the way you did?


Demon: My aim was to create a sharpish wild style letter with interlocking extensions, body and backbone, whilst at the same time keeping the letter visible from the craziness going on around it, pushing the boundaries is what i am about, X resembles the heart of a lion with the style of a rollercoaster.


Style is very important to me, it takes years to come up with a style that makes sense to you as a person, Something that resembles one’s personality on a higher level/energy field, Letters need structure, with out it, it has no direction, Letters are what is important about graffiti - Nuff said!

Demon TNS

Well that’s right, the development of a letter and its structure are a constant journey through each individuals career, as an overlook at graffiti as a whole, what defines a good letter to you?


Ruben: I love the New York Subway style, so anything that resembles them with a twist is always a winner for me. The funk in straight letters, blockies, simples, semi and wildstyles etc. I am also a fan of pieces that are placed differently on wall space, rather than slapping a piece smack bang in the middle of a wall as the usual. I like to work the space to use it like the piece was meant to be there.


I am also fascinated with letter development from different eras and how letter styles evolved and peaked over time! It’s cool to see styles getting redone today with improved paint.  I also dig letters that have taken many years to carve out and form into a writers personal style! that’s fresh!


Inks: A good letter for me is a hard one, personally i look at letters amongst the rest of a word, if the whole word flows nicely then i think every letter in it is perfected, something i struggle to find within myself but see amongst a lot of other writers.

Inks TNS

With good letters in mind, what were some of the stand outs?


Demon: The letter C by Pick has gangster screaming out of it, The lil hat really compliments the letter, it’s a nifty eye opener.


Ruben: Zinc’s Z. It’s similar to my style. We are from the same school, New York of course! It has that ‘praying mantis’ feel, Ready to battle and Kung Fu it’s way out of there, Boom!


Inks: I really dig the O, I love the flex and curves on it, the letter itself has depth with the main 3D and then the drop shadow on the arrow. it is a letter i would stay clear from, id be stoked if i produced such a crispy O.


Keys: So many talented writers brought their A game but I love SOFAR’s Q, Not Only is it a difficult letter but he was so technical in his approach, I’m shaking my head! Respect.

Keys NRC

With so many writers bringing their skills to the table on this concept, whether doing a letter that is common to them or coming outta left field with a letter we may never have seen from them, this whole project was a lot of fun, initially we thought this whole thing may fall flat on its face, It can be hard enough to complete a project 1 on 1 let alone adding 25 more heads to the equation but the truth is this was way too easy… What we anticipated to take weeks, possibly months took about 8 days to complete, that is nothing but a testament to those involved.


On a side note, we will have more articles coming to this site in the future, We have a lot more prints in store and have been talking to crazy skilled artists to continue producing quality, original and exclusive artworks for our posters, check back every once in a whilst and stay busy!


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to the artists that have made all this possible and a special thank you to those that have grabbed one of our prints already, Bless!


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